Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” -Mark Twain, Author

“Andrew and ActionCoach have been one of the best things that has happened to my business. It has given me new skills and is improving the ones I have. Knowing that working on the business is as important as in the business and having good systems and better knowledge has made life much better!”

Brian Pay, Gore

“Business has boomed our minds are laterally expanded; we appreciate Andrew’s comprehensive guidelines and enjoy his challenges.”  “If you want to sharpen your business practice and roll in more profit, I can thoroughly recommend Andrew Johnston, an ActionCOACH business coach with personal experience, local knowledge, universal principles to pass on, and always in a practical framework to suit your personal situation.”   

Lynn Sharp, Gore

“If you need direction, focus and control of your business and life then do not hesitate.”

                                                                                                              Steven Sharp, Letting Centre, Dunedin

‘It’s been great working with Andrew; he has helped put my mind at ease with how to grow my business. I was very apprehensive at the start I couldn’t see how he could pay his own way in my business after all he hadn’t done any work similar to what we do, in 3 short months we are well on our way to becoming a easy to run and successful business, all thanks to the support and knowledge of Andrew, what you learn is so simple to grasp yet so very powerful, so if you’re thinking about him coaching you, you should have called yesterday!! …no regrets here.’                                                                    

Nick Kelly, Invercargill

“With his advertising expertise Andrew has taught me how to write an effective ad to capture people’s attention”  

Earl Foran, Gore

 “Andrew has kept us on track to work on the business as well as in the business, with very good results for the time invested”  “He is dedicated and very focused on being a good business coach, but he still doesn’t take life too seriously and can have a good laugh at himself – and us!”  

Susan Wilson, Invercargill

“We’ve tried a lot of different things in business but working with Andrew and Action is by far the best move we’ve made…the things we have talked about doing for years are now getting done and our business future is looking even better than ever!”

Ian Boud, Queenstown

“ActionCOACH will help you concentrate on what is important in your business immediately and in the future they will help you achieve your goals.  This is the only way to learn business techniques.”

SJ Allen Central Otago (2005) Ltd, Alexandra

 Andrew Johnston has been working with my business for over 3 years now as a mentor, coach and friend. It is very easy for any business to get ‘stuck’ in the way of doing things, so it is refreshing (and profitable) to have had new ideas brought into the business by Andrew. These ideas are always seen through to their natural conclusion. (This is often not the case without a coach as new ideas often get put on the back burner). It is also great to have an independent person to ‘bounce’ our own ideas off. I am really optimistic that at the end of this process my business will be a much more efficient organisation ready to face all the challenges of operating in the current business environment. In conclusion let me say that I really enjoy my weekly visits from Andrew, and would recommend his services to any business of any size or age.

Trevor Daley, Invercargill

  Business Academy Graduates:

My wife and I have put into practice just a few of Andrew’s Action ideas and they have made profitable results and they were only the tip of the iceberg.  Using one of the Actions ideas on a promotion, it was so successful we had to finish it early by one month as we had run out of stock.

Dwain Devereux, Tapanui

 Massive Action Days: (MAD for short!)

 Andrew helps a business owner realize that success depends on action and makes it easy to follow proven systems to make a business better in so many ways.

D and A Butson, Invercargill

 Working with Action international must be done and is priceless.

Nick Morris, Invercargill

 You can not afford to be without a Business Coach from Actioncoach! The value added to your business for marketing, management and profitability is unlimited.

Denise Sadlier, S.B.A Small Business Accounting Invercargill

 Massive Action Days are a great way to get drive and new positive ideas for your business, opens your eyes to further possibilities with back-up to support the ideas and strategies – drives your business and makes things happen! Any successful sports person has a coach so why wouldn’t you apply the same principal in business?

 Carey McDowall, Invercargill

 It is exciting to learn the steps to make my goals a reality and so achievable, at one time they were just dreams! Go for it!

Relda, Escape Glass, Invercargill 

 Very useful tools that every business needs, much more useful than an accountant.

Keith Pirie, Wyndham

 Massive Action Days are extremely worthwhile and fun as well.

John Stewart, Wyndham

 Andrew has a proven common sense and simple streetwise approach to business.  A lot of it is stuff we know but choose to shelf because other things seem more important, when, in actual fact they are not.

Dean Addie, E.I.S. Electrical, Invercargill